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Help kids manage their thoughts

This guided illustrated meditation teaches children how to breathe, find different ways to think about their positive and negative thoughts, and ultimately learn they have the ability to feel calm and at peace.


Welcome springtime with a splish-splash!

Running around outside after a rain storm can be imaginative and fun—especially when you learn to play together with others!


New this Spring

Memory Book

Create a book of memories, photos, and keepsakes to remember a lost loved one with this comforting journal.

This is the Church

A thoughtful introduction to all of the wonderful things church can be and do and mean.

Little Mole Finds Hope

A charming tale about how hope can always be found—you just need to know where to look.

Prayers for Faithful Families

From the first day of school to the death of a pet, this book equips parents to turn both ordinary and extraordinary moments into opportunities to teach kids about God’s loving presence in their lives.

What’s in Your Mind Today?

A guided, illustrated meditation to help kids feel calm in the midst of thoughts that come and go.

Where the Best Stories Hide

An inspirational story about the power of creativity and imagination—and the courage it takes to show it to the world.

From the Blog

Parents are among the heroes in the current pandemic.

Tips to Navigate a Pandemic with Young Children

Kids experience negative thoughts and anxiety too, especially in difficult times or when their routines are disrupted. Mindfulness is a great way for us to practice how to be calm and relaxed and learn that our thoughts and emotions don’t need to rule our minds. Below are kid-friendly mindfulness exercises to help children learn to breathe and center themselves, especially during times of increased anxiety.

7 Mindfulness Exercises for Young Children