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All About Grief

All About Grief

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What is grief? Where does it come from? Will I ever be OK again?

Grief. It is a normal, natural response to loss. Everyone experiences it in different ways. You can't avoid it. Grief can be hard to understand and difficult to talk about.

Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney, a psychologist who has worked with children experiencing grief, answers the big questions that surround feelings of loss. This engaging handbook looks at grief from many different angles, examining how it influences our emotions and relationships, our brains and bodies, and our behavior. Preteen readers will get to know when and why we are most likely to grieve, what purpose grief serves, and strategies for healing and finding hope moving forward.


"[An] accessible and comprehensive handbook.... Colorful illustrations featuring individuals with diverse skin colors, hair styles, physical abilities, and religions further emphasize the universality of grief."


"The breadth of [the author's] understanding of grief in this book is as many-sided as her resume. We hope it will reach young readers whether or not they currently think of themselves as grieving: They can learn how to help someone else who is grieving and will know where to turn when grief reaches them."

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Product Info

  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781506491271
  • eBook ISBN 9781506491288
  • Age Middle Grades (9-13 years)
  • Dimensions 7.25 x 9.25
  • Pages 88
  • Publication Date April 9, 2024