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Little Steps, Big Faith

How the Science of Early Childhood Development Can Help You Grow Your Child's Faith

Little Steps, Big Faith

How the Science of Early Childhood Development Can Help You Grow Your Child's Faith

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From brain science to language development and social skills, we've never known more about how children's minds develop in the first five years of life. Yet with all the information available, Christian parents may find themselves confused about how to apply these learnings to daily life with their children. In Little Steps, Big Faith, early childhood expert Dr. Dawn Rundman navigates the research to arrive at surprising insights about how very young children experience God, and how parents can use science to teach faith.

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"Grounded in scientific research regarding child development, Dawn Rundman's book provides parents (and grandparents) of infants and toddlers with encouragement and practical tips for encouraging Christian faith formation. For parents who want their child to be well-rounded not only intellectually, physically, and emotionally, but also spiritually, this will be an invaluable resource!"
—Beth Lewis, President & CEO Emeritus, 1517 Media

"What a gem of a book! With stories, clarity, humor, and remarkable insight into brain science and developmental psychology, Dawn Rundman provides wisdom for parents, pastors, and all who care about the faith formation of children. From beginning to end, you will find an enthusiastic companion here--not judgment or guilt trips--and you will learn, laugh, and feel empowered for the amazing journey of raising children in the faith."
—Rev. Ann C. Svennungsen, Bishop of the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA

"An important introduction to the brain science that Christian parents and caretakers need to know to help their children thrive. Dr. Rundman is an eloquent writer and an amusing guide."
—Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, Bestselling author of This is Your Brain on Music and The Organized Mind

"Little Steps, Big Faith beautifully weaves together science, faith, and parenting. A welcome handbook for parents and pastors alike, Rundman's book utilizes her expertise in developmental psychology to give scientific rationale to the importance of steeping infants and toddlers in the language and practice of the Christian faith. Accessible, biblical, and practical, Little Steps, Big Faith is the perfect gift for new parents, baptismal sponsors, and anyone wishing to pass on the faith to the next generation."
—Rev. Justin Lind-Ayres, Pastor and author of Is That Poop on My Arm?: Parenting While Christian

"With Little Steps, Big Faith, Dawn Rundman expertly helps parents fuse their Christian faith with the important milestones of child development. The real-life examples are utterly charming and help prepare the reader for the many surprises of parenting."
—Justin Roberts, Grammy Award-nominated songwriter for kids and families, and author of The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

"Little Steps, Big Faith helps parents of young children share their Christian beliefs in the midst of everyday life by connecting faith to daily routines. Rundman links basic child development research with biblical concepts for faith formation and then shows those developmental principles at work in traditional family spiritual practices such as reading the Bible, saying meal and bedtime prayers, and singing hymns. A quick read with real-life examples and concrete suggestions."
—Rev. Dr. Karen-Marie Yust, Rowe Professor of Christian Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary and author of Real Kids, Real Faith

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  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506446851
  • eBook ISBN 9781506448305
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  • Pages 144
  • Publication Date October 2, 2018