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Where Are You From?

The Wonderful Story of Your Birth

Karine-Marie Amiot, Author
Lucie Minne, Author


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“In the beginning, God created you!”
From conception to birth, Where Are You From? tells the story of life using heartwarming language that is appropriate for toddlers and young children who aren't quite ready to hear all about the birds and the bees yet. Children will learn that they were lovingly, purposefully created by God, and treasured and loved by their parents. Perfect for reading with little ones who are just beginning to ask, “Where did I come from?”

A 2017 Illumination Award Winner!

"A simple picture book written especially for young Christian children. The text is appropriate for toddlers or even infants. Where Are You From? is not really a sex-education book; rather, it describes in broad terms how children start out as very small, and are a blessing from God to their loving parents." -- Midwest Book Review

  • ISBN 9781506418643
  • Age Toddler (1-3 years); Preschool (3-5 years)
  • Format Hardcover
  • Dimensions 8.25 x 8.75
  • Pages 24
  • Publication Date August 9, 2016