Picturing God

Picturing God


With poetic language and gorgeous handcrafted mixed-media collages and mosaics, Picturing God brings to life the many metaphors for God found in the Bible. God is the light, living water, a father, a mother, clothing, a rock, wind, comforter, a door, the Good Shepherd, and more. Poet and artist Ruth Goring invites children and adults alike to revisit the beautiful imagery found in Scripture and provides an opportunity for children to develop their imagination about who God is.

At the end of the book, a list of Bible references is provided for each image depicted for families to look up and learn more about the Bible?s many ways of picturing God.

  • ISBN


  • Hardcover

    40 pages

  • Age

    Early Grades (5-8 years)

  • Dimensions

    10.25 x 10.25

  • Publication Date

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019