Owen and Eleanor Move In

Owen and Eleanor Move In


Owen and Eleanor Move In is a story about what it means to have a home…and what it means to be a friend.

When eight-year-old Eleanor moves into the bottom half of a duplex with her family, she is not happy. Her old home was way better. In her old home, she even had her own bedroom. Not any more—now she has to share with her big sister. The situation needs to change, and she knows just how to fix it. She’s going to move back—to her real home. Eleanor's seven-year-old neighbor Owen is excited to meet her—finally, someone to play with who isn’t his little brother! He teaches her how to fence and write in code, and she helps him build mechanical gadgets and thinks his homeschooling is cool. But when Eleanor asks Owen to help her run away, he’s not sure what to do. Eleanor learns that home is where her family is – and more importantly, that her home is always with God. Owen comes to see that being friends doesn’t mean giving in to the other person all the time, especially when they ask you to do something you shouldn’t.

The Owen & Eleanor chapter book series reflects how real families experience faith: by talking about their beliefs in real-world and relevant ways to their everyday life. Perfect for beginning readers.

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In addition to Owen and Eleanor Move In, H.M. Bouwman writes middle grade historical fantasy, including The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap (2008) and A Crack in the Sea (2017). She is also an associate professor of English at the University of St. Thomas, a homeschooling mom, a member of Hamline United Methodist Church, and a martial artist.

"Faith and friendship are at the heart of Bouwman's new chapter-book series. The overarching themes of friendship, familial love, and resiliency in the face of change are universal. A sweet start ripe for more installments."–Kirkus Reviews

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  • ISBN


  • Paperback

    133 pages

  • Age

    Early Grades (5-8 years)

  • Dimensions

    5 x 7

  • Publication Date

    Tuesday, April 3, 2018