The Complete Connect Videos Series: 6 Volume Set

The Complete Connect Videos Series

6 Volume Set


Connect videos are designed specifically for kids ages 9-12 to help them go deeper into the Bible so they can make connections between stories they’ve never seen before. Understanding God’s big story gives kids tools to interpret the Bible and apply Scripture to their own lives. Knowing that Bible stories are part of a longer and ongoing narrative which they themselves are part of equips preteens to develop a personal relationship with the Word and establish a deep biblical literacy. Animated in a quirky vaudeville style, the short episodes hold kids’ attention with slapstick, age-appropriate humor and solid theology.

A parent's guide to making faith connections using The Connect DVD Collection can be found here.

The complete set contains:
Creation and Genesis
Covenant and Promise
Kings, Prophets, and Exile
Christmas and Jesus’ Early Life
Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection
Paul and the Early Church

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    Bundle; DVD

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    Thursday, November 10, 2016