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Celebrate Pride with Beaming Books Celebrate Pride with Beaming Books

Celebrate Pride With These Affirming Picture Books

Pride month is a great time to remind kids both in and outside the LGBTQ+ community that our differences are special and worth celebrating. These inclusive books remind our youngest readers that no matter how they identify, they are valued and loved.

Rainbow Boy

Taylor Rouanzion (Author)
Stacey Chomiak (Illustrator)

What child hasn’t been asked their favorite color? In Rainbow Boy, one little boy attempts to answer this classic question. But with so many wonderful colors to choose from, he doesn’t know how. He loves his pink sparkly tutu, bright red roses, soft yellow baby doll pajamas, and big orange basketball. How will he ever pick? This picture book reminds us that color doesn’t have gender and encourages us to express ourselves using the colors and items that feel true to our inner selves.

What Are You, Lou?

Danielle Herzog (Author)
Jestenia Southerland (Illustrator)

When Lou, a fluffy-tailed, giant-eared, colorful animal, is asked by the other animals to define himself, he isn’t able to give a one-word answer. Inclusive and affirming, What Are You, Lou? champions diverse identities and encourages readers to embrace the unique mark they leave on the world. Backmatter from an established writer and school counselor provides resources for navigating questions of identity with the child in your life.

Rainbow Allies

The True Story of Kids Who Stood against Hate

Nancy Churnin (Author)
Izzy Evans (Illustrator)

Based on real-life events, Rainbow Allies tells the story of how a Massachusetts neighborhood rallied together around Cari and Lauri to make them feel welcomed again after an act of hate. Written by multi-award-winning author Nancy Churnin, this book is an inspiring introduction to allyship for young readers and changemakers.

Duck, Duck, Tiger

Brittany R. Jacobs (Author)

Lili has noticed that she’s different from everyone around her . . . like she’s a tiger when everyone else seems to be a duck. She worries that the world doesn’t like tigers. Inspired by the author’s childhood and lived experiences, Duck, Duck, Tiger is a picture book that explores the difficulties those with marginalized identities face from an early age. Lili’s journey from uneasy feelings to understanding and pride will resonate with readers struggling with their own sense of otherness, championing inclusion.

A Costume for Charly

C.K. Malone (Author)
Alejandra Barajas (Illustrator)

Halloween is tricky for Charly. This year they are determined to find a costume that showcases both the feminine and masculine parts of their identity. Digging through their costume box, they explore many fun costumes, but all are lacking. As trick-or-treating approaches, they must think outside the box to find the perfect costume—something that will allow them to present as one hundred percent Charly.

The Kid with Big, Big Ideas

Britney Winn Lee (Author)
Jacob Souva (Illustrator)

Following the bestselling The Boy with Big, Big Feelings and The Girl with Big, Big Questions comes a new story about a nonbinary kid with ideas so big that grown-ups often dismiss them. What if we could be mermaids? What if we could teach pets to talk? What if we could make the world safe and inclusive for everyone? In a world that so often dismisses and excludes kids from decision-making, this book suggests that not only should kids have a voice, but their ideas just might be the ticket to making progress.

Lessons in Allyship for Kids